Sir Isaac Newton

My eldest was told he would have to write four papers on Christian scientists. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for him. Unfortunately, the list was limited to a specific one from the teacher. Even so, people like Newton and Galileo were on the list. I thought it would be interesting and thought provoking for him to study Galileo and how he was forced by the Church to recant his science.

This site talks about Newton and his theological heresies, including his disbelief in the trinity.

Alas, the teacher has changed her mind. Only one paper on biography is required, and he chose someone else.

Perhaps that is good, since I was wanting him to see how the church was NOT a force for learning. I am not sure that pointing that out to him is a good thing.

Of course, I wanted him to do Pasteur too. And Pasteur’s faith, as far as I can find, was not only fairly orthodox, but he held to it strongly until his death.