Dinner: Very Special

My husband is a great cook, new but dedicated. He said he would cook tonight. So, after work, he stopped at the store to get some ingredients and then came home and made his special shallots and chicken.

He called from the store to find out if we had the makings for salad. I said yes. Then, after we hung up, I pulled the lettuces and spinach out and tore up a good size salad bowl.

I was sitting on the couch reading blogs while he cooked.

He came in and asked what I would like to drink and I told him. But when I would have gotten up, he said to stay right there. So I did.

Eventually he told me I could come in the dining room. When I did, there were candles lit and these fun ice cube lights going off in our glasses. I sat down and he brought in dinner, beautifully plated.

When he asked the blessing he thanked God for me and told Him he loved me.

Blew me away. The whole thing. But the prayer especially.