Reading: UhOh

Written 11/22/04

I’ve been reading a book by Robert Fulghum. He’s the guy who wrote the books Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and It Was On Fire When I Laid Down On It. I think this book is called Uh-Oh. I like that title. His work is very much stream of conscious essays. He wrote about being in Thailand and watching the lightning bugs (also known as fireflies). He said there were so many that they lit up the night like an overdraped Christmas tree. He also said that the bugs were all synchronized. They’d blink on-off-on at the same speed. He wrote some questions that he thought while he watched the bugs. He wondered if they had any control over the lighting feature. He wondered if they ever attracted any small moths with the lights. And he wondered what kind of pants people would wear if we had rear ends that lit up as an attraction technique. I thought that last was an interesting idea. I guess our behinds would be uncovered more than covered.

Are you old enough to remember that phase when some of the younger movie stars and the more gutsy women were wearing jeans with the behinds cut out? They were covered with a see through material like cheap raincoats are made out of. For a while there were pictures in every magazine I picked up. It made for some interesting reading.