Thoughts from Vacation

Written 11/22/04

I am here in the hill country of Texas visiting friends and having a family vacation. It has been raining the whole time we have been here. But this morning it is not just raining. The streets are flooding and there is a tornado watch. Since we’re in an RV, the lightest kind of trailer there is, that was a bit of a negative. However, so far there haven’t been any tornadoes where we are. Hopefully there won’t be either. The ditches though, I think they call them arroyos around here, are overly full. If someone fell in one of those, they would drown. The current is incredibly swift. I hope the rain calms down before they actually flood out onto the streets.

I am quietly sitting on the bed in the RV. My boys are in the back sitting quietly as well. The reason for all this quietly sitting is that my husband is on the phone right now having an interview for a job. This is his third interview with this company. But this interview is the technical interview, where the head computer programmer guy talks to Ron to find out if Ron actually knows anything about programming. Since he’s been doing it for eleven years, I would think they could figure that out just from the resume, but apparently not. I hope this interview goes well. He’s not very happy at his present job. His boss has recently taken to cussing the guys out. Well, the interview was very short. It doesn’t look like the technical guy thinks they need another programmer. So it probably won’t work out. Don’t know why they’re trying to hire someone if the tech guy doesn’t want him. He’s going to be the new guy’s boss, if there is a new guy.

An RV is fun, because you have plenty of space and you have an on board toilet and you can lay down in a regular sized bed while the thing is moving. But it’s also a pain because you plan to stay in it, not with someone, and then you can’t just go back to their house to hang out. So you sit in a parking lot at a mall and run the generator. It’s also a bit disconcerting when you want to go to the bathroom, because the door opens, but you can’t sit on the pot and close the door. So there you are showing off to God and everybody. I’m glad my folks got an RV. Now we can use it! It is fun to travel in. Makes staying at Grama’s a lot more flexible cause we can go sleep in it instead of sleeping with our teenage sons in one room.

We are going to our regular hang out, the bookstore. The problem with going there for me is I always have too many books I want to buy. My eldest tends to read them there. He doesn’t re-read books, so once he’s read it, he’s done. I think that I will want to re-read them if they’re good, so I buy them. That’s probably why we have ten bookshelves in our house full of books.

The bookstore was fun. I found a book I wanted to buy, but I wasn’t watching the time. My husband had to call and tell me we were going to be late to our next appointment. So I didn’t have time to purchase the book. We actually made it to our appointment with five minutes to spare. I had forgotten how much smaller Austin is than Houston. Plus, when we lived here, we did most things on the north side, so when we go visiting, that’s where we do that too.