Yellow Ribbons DO Mean Something

Written 11/19/04

Tonight I went to WalMart to get some stuff and I noticed that the three cars between me and the door all had “support the troops” ribbons on them. I read a blog where a commenter said, Why do they put those on their cars? It isn”t supporting the troops. He’s right. The ribbon doesn’t. But every time I see one, I pray for their safety and for their families. And I have one on my car and that’s not the sum total of my support for the troops. Anyway, his rip annoyed me. Probably because I have one of those “useless” ribbons on my car. Oh well.

What else do I do?


write letters (65 so far)

send packages (25 plus 8 to go out tomorrow)

act as a clearing house for a group to send packages

Blackfive posted a similar comment on his blog 11/30/04. Those yellow ribbons are symbols, but they are part of the support too. I don’t think he should get his panties in a wad because he thinks the $5 for the ribbon could be better spent elsewhere. (Plus, mine was free. And my mom bought hers for $1.)