Christmas at our House

Scheiss Weekly wrote a blog entry about scrooge and humbuggy Christmas. I left a post, but then I really wanted to write more.

Someone else, I can’t remember who, wrote a blog post about Christmas gifts. They didn’t come up with a list. They wanted to be surprised.

Okay, Christmas at our house:

There is a huge tree in the living roo, put together by me and my boys, with some encouragement from their dad. Then R and I put the lights on. The next day I hung the ornaments and put out boxes in Christmas designs. I have five nativity scenes up around the house and three wreaths hung on doors. But if you looked at our house from the front street all you would see would be one meager wreath. Our tree is in the living room, which faces the backyard, not the street.

There are not any lights up. I love the lights that people put on their houses. They are beautiful and festive and fun. But I don’t like to put them up myself and my husband hates to put them up. So we don’t have any lights outside. We look, to the passerby, like an original case of Scrooge, but we’re not.

In fact, it is a wonder we have any decorations up. We’re spending the holidays in North Carolina. So these decorations won’t be much of anything to our family. Just a reminder of where we’re headed. I like the decorations, even though we don’t celebrate here.

Gifts is another problem. My kids have all they need. There are some reasonable presents I would like them to have: Apple Care for their Macs, new cables. But other than that they don’t need anything and they have almost everything they want as well.

I don’t need anything. Yes, there are things I would like. I would like new bras and undies, matching, made by a good company. I’d like them to be pretty and utilitarian. I’d like big two-sided barrettes so I can put my hair in a bun. I’d like a gold queen bed skirt, preferably silk and tailored. Stein Mart has one that would work. I needed new socks, but I finally bought some of those. There’s just not much I need.

I have some wants, but they’re generally big. A hiking trip in the mountains. A cruise with my husband. Leather furniture for the media room and the living room. A new pretty front door. A pantry from the wet bar. New siding. A new air conditioning system. A total kitchen makeover.

There are a few books I want, but I’d have to think about it to tell you what they are. I’ve mentioned them in the past, but I don’t know that they’re in my blog.

So… Christmas is more about celebrating time together and what we already have, as opposed to what we need to get.

3 thoughts on “Christmas at our House

  1. Nice post, Suzi. I don’t hate all personal blogs, but do tend to bypass them quickly. glad I slowed down to read yours. And thanks for the support. I am getting better, and may be back to work after Christmas.

  2. My daughter is the same way…there’s not much she needs, although there are many things she thinks she wants. Oh, the joys of advertising. And I know, no matter what I get her, it will be relegated to the dusty corner of her playroom, only to be played with if she has a friend over. I guess I’m shopping for her more for me than anything!!

    I too have a very small list of needs that would make good Christmas presents…matching panties and bras would be high on my list also! But my wants? Sheesh…I want a PowerBook, and a new (expensive) digital camera, and just about any other technogeek gadget you can think of. It’s time to win that lottery!!

  3. Whenever I start thinking about what I’d like for Christmas and the little greed monster begins to rear its ugly head, a little voice inside me echos an observance by Little House on the Prairie’s Ma Ingalls: "It’s the Lord’s birthday…not ours."

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