A Game With Books

Normblog has a game with books. You take the list, see which authors you have, and insert others for the ones you don’t have. You’re supposed to bold your inserts. I don’t know how to do that.

Normblog uses his own list of science fiction books. I’ll add my changes to the side.

1. Aldous Huxley
2. Douglas Adams
3. William Tenn 3. Gordon Dickson
4. Olaf Stapledon 4. Edgar Rice Burroughs
5. H.G. Wells
6. Gene Wolfe 6. Robert Heinlein
7. R.A. Lafferty 7. Arthur C. Clarke
8. John Sladek 8. Isaac Asimov
9. Cordwainer Smith
10. Walter Miller, Jr.

These are all old guys. What about some others?
1. Ray Bradbury
2. Larry Niven
3. Steven Barnes
4. Timothy Zahn
5. Anne McCaffrey
6. Elizabeth Moon
7. Orson Scott Card
8. David Weber
9. John Ringo
10. Christopher Stasheff

via Winds of Change