Low Cholesterol Problems

According to Reuter’s, I’d be even more of a genius, if my cholesterol weren’t so low. 😉

“Naturally low cholesterol levels are associated with poorer performance on a variety of cognitive measures, according to a new study….

Individuals in the lowest total cholesterol group (less than 200 units) performed more poorly than patients with higher cholesterol levels on tests of similarities, word fluency, attention/concentration, and overall, the investigators report.

Participants in the lowest total cholesterol group were 49 percent more likely than were participants in the highest total cholesterol group (240-380) to perform poorly, and 80 percent more likely to perform very poorly, the results indicate.”

So, I should start eating high cholesterol foods?

2 thoughts on “Low Cholesterol Problems

  1. Low cholesterol is a concern…your brain needs fats like cholesterol to function. when fats are too low, either you are not eating enough fats, on diet pills, medications or you need to be on lipase enzymes to help your body break down and absorb fats instead of flushing them out of your body. Trust me, cholesterol under 160 is far more dangerous than high cholesterol (with exceptions of course). This could also represent a hormone imbalance as well as a sluggish liver since its job is to filter and convert LDL to HDL.
    Cheryl FL

  2. Recently I went for a checkup and was told my cholesterol was 109. The doctor suggested cutting back on my Lipitor dosage. I have done that but recently I have felt terrible– Muscle weakness, joint pain, cognitive fog. My knees are hurting so much I can barely walk.I have also lost avout 25 pounds in the last 6 months.i have been dieting, but eating well. Could this pain, fatigue be caused by my low cholesterol?

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