Health: Good, Better, and Not Better

I’ve been on tons of medicine now since Dec. 18.

Good or Better:
My pregnancy mask is gone. So my face doesn’t have two very different colors on it.
My winter skin is much less dry, much less itchy, than it was.
My acne is better, but not all gone.
I don’t usually have to take a nap, although I still get tired somewhere between 6 and 8 pm. However, two days this week I have taken naps, even after taking cortisol.
My brain fog is better.
I am still losing words, sometimes more than 5 a day, but not up to the 20 that I was losing before.
I am sleeping better. I get up less in the night. Recently that has gotten worse again, so I might up my melatonin and see if that helps.
My average temp has gone up from 96.8 to 98. That’s supposed to indicate that my thyroid rates are improving.
I’m not having cold hands and feet as much. Still have them sometimes, but not all the time.
I had lost all sugar cravings; now I’m having them but not as badly.

Not Better:
I’m on day 87 of 109 days of having a period. That’s not too good. The dr. says that next time they won’t let the breakthrough start. But it’s happened twice, since that 68 day period was over. So I’m not sure I believe them or that it will work, even if they do try it.
I’m still not having much libido, though it is better than never wanting any. I had two days where I wanted sex.
Joint pain was better. I was having it once a week. Now, however, my body is acting like it did when I was getting too many allergic foods. I’m waking up with pain in my hands, feet, and even my legs. However, I am not eating any of my allergic foods– not a single one. The pain is getting worse, but sometimes is a bit better and then gets even worse.
I still have fluid retention, bad cramps, heavy periods.