Medical Update

I have been on biest to stop my period. That actually worked. However, now I should have had a week of periods and I haven’t. Although I am okay with it, I figured the doctors wouldn’t be so I called. They want me to come in.

So… Jan.10 period stopped, but still having some bleeding. This got bad on Jan. 28, so I stopped the progesterone. Feb. 5 the period was ended. Then it restarted on Feb. 10. The doctors had me do Day 1 again. It didn’t end. So I added biest. The period ended Feb. 24.

So Nov. 11 till Jan. 10. then Jan 28-Feb.5. Then Feb. 10-24. Then Mar. 18, I finished real day 28. Added Biest. But it’s now the 24th and I have no period still.

Captain Zimrid’s Colleagues

Here is an article on ancient Egyptian ships, from 1500 BC. This would have been after Calista, in the novel, but about the time of Tiglat.

“Inside they found a network of larger rooms and an assortment of nautical items, among them ropes, a wooden bowl, and a mesh bag. She also found two curved cedar planks that were probably the steering oars on a 70-foot-long ship from Queen Hatshepsut’s famous 15th-century b.c. naval expedition to Punt, a trade destination somewhere in the southern Red Sea region. Buried in sand outside the second cave, Bard found a piece of rope still tied in what she believes is a sailor’s knot. “It must have come from a ship,” she says. “It couldn’t have been used for anything else.” Fragments of pottery scattered near the artifacts date to Egypt’s early 18th dynasty, circa 1500 b.c., around the time Hatshepsut reigned.”


Uncle Toban’s Family’s Grave

Uncle Toban in my novel is from Loulan (China). Here is a discussion of digging up graves there, from his grandfather’s time period.

BEIJING, Mar. 18 — About 330 ancient tombs have now been discovered at the Xiaohe Mausoleum compound in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. They contain dried corpses still preserved inside their coffins.

    The site is located in the Luobu Desert about 150 kilometers away from the famous ruins of ancient Loulan city.

    Excavated from inside a raised sand hill, the graves are estimated to have existed for over 3,000 years.

Read the original here.

NYT on Terrorist Attacks

WASHINGTON, March 15 – The Department of Homeland Security, trying to focus antiterrorism spending better nationwide, has identified a dozen possible strikes it views as most plausible or devastating, including detonation of a nuclear device in a major city, release of sarin nerve agent in office buildings and a truck bombing of a sports arena.

The document, known simply as the National Planning Scenarios, reads more like a doomsday plan, offering estimates of the probable deaths and economic damage caused by each type of attack.

They include blowing up a chlorine tank, killing 17,500 people and injuring more than 100,000; spreading pneumonic plague in the bathrooms of an airport, sports arena and train station, killing 2,500 and sickening 8,000 worldwide; and infecting cattle with foot-and-mouth disease at several sites, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Specific locations are not named because the events could unfold in many major metropolitan or rural areas, the document says.

The agency’s objective is not to scare the public, officials said, and they have no credible intelligence that such attacks are planned. The department did not intend to release the document publicly, but a draft of it was inadvertently posted on a Hawaii state government Web site.

By identifying possible attacks and specifying what government agencies should do to prevent, respond to and recover from them, Homeland Security is trying for the first time to define what “prepared” means, officials said.

Confidence Vote: In Israel?

National Review Online has an interesting article about Israel’s future. It’s entitled “Collapsing Gaza Temples” and begins with a reference to Samson. It argues that there is a good possibility that Israel will have a recall vote after the March 31 election when Sharon’s Gaza recall is supposed to be voted on in parliament.

I’m glad. I was wondering what the heck they were thinking. Are they trying to help the Palestinians push them into the ocean?

Books I’ve Read: 156-181

These books are all ebooks:
Cherokee Christmas
Silk Petals
Mind Games
Night Magic
French Kiss
Mason’s Kiss
Wife for Real
Manhunting Masquerade
Found some great books about love coming to old friends:
Hot Flash
Spicing it Up
Walk on the Wilde Side
There were also some about getting together with old lovers:
Rock and Rolling
Savannah Secrets

These books are not:
A Hero in Her Eyes by Marie Ferrarella
Out of Exile by Carla Cassidy– She can really write good books.
Everything but a Husband by Karen Templeton
Night of No Return (A Year of Loving Dangerously) by Eileen Wilks– one in a series. I read the last book in the series first and loved it.
In Destiny’s Shadow by Ingrid Weaver
In Sight of the Enemy (Family Secrets) by Kylie Brant
Racing Against Time (Family Secrets) by Marie Ferrarella
The Way We Wed (A Year of Loving Dangerously) by Pat Warren– one in a series

Historical Fantasy:
Ill Met by Moonlight by Mercedes Lackey and Roberta Gellis– fantastic tale of Henry VIII’s court and family with elves

Making Faces by Kevyn Auchoin– a book on make-up

What is a Blog Entry?

According to an Oregonian editorial on the new SAT essay test:
In truth, the 25-minute test measures teenagers’ ability to write glibly at length in a free-associative, unresearched and self-referential manner.
In other words, it seems the newest measure of college-worthiness is: Can you write a blog entry?

I think this is not what most of the blogs I read, as opposed to the one I write, are. Most of the blogs I read are researched, related to certain topics, and often are clearly objective, as opposed to self-referential.

Ancient Perfumery

Discovery News has an article on a 4000 year old perfumery, next to an olive press.

Remains include “clay perfume bottle fragments that contain 14 perfumes of varied fragrances and ten odor essences.”

“So far, Belgiorno and her colleagues have identified fragrances of cinnamon, laurel, myrtle, anise, citrus bergamot and pine.”

In his “Natural History, Volume XIII,” Roman historian Pliny (23-79 A.D.) wrote, “As to perfume of cyprus, that from the island of Cyprus was at first preferred, and then that of Egypt; when all on a sudden the unguents of Mendes and metopium rose into esteem. In later times Phoenicia eclipsed Egypt in the manufacture of these last two, but left to that country the repute of producing the best unguent of cyprus.”

Given the proximity of the olive press to the Cyprus perfumery, it is likely that olive oil was included in the perfume-making process.

Vinegar of the Four Thieves

Here’s a plague story for you. Four thieves survived the plague, and their plundering of bodies and homes, by using a special concoction. When they were arrested, somewhere in England or France, sometime between 1500 and 1722, they were offered life in prison instead of the death penalty for their formula.

“Some recipes call for red wine vinegar, others say cider vinegar. Mixed with herbs–lavender blossoms, rue, rosemary, sage–some added wormwood, thyme, mint, and garlic, the vinegar was either steeped in the sun or buried in a crock. One could then get immunity by drinking it, sniffing it, or splashing it on the body. Or setting it on fire?”

Supposedly people were still using this when the Yellow Plague came to Philly in the late 1700s.

Malaria Killed Medici Family

This site has an archaeological news item on the Medicis. The 16 and 19 year old sons and the mother were rumored to have been victims of foul play and a broken heart. However, new evidence suggests it was malaria.

Roman Meals

Around the Roman Table is a book about eating in Rome.

With recipes for such appetizing dishes as chicken galantine with lambs’ brains and fish relish, according to the editorial review.

Eight of the recipes are here.

“Who can resist that? There are recipes for Columella Salad, Soft-Boiled Eggs in Pine-Nut Sauce, Lentils with Coriander, Roast Wild Boar, Ostrich Ragoût, Roast Tuna, Fried Veal Escalope with Raisins, and a Nut Tart.” Mirabilis

Hate Crime Laws

This is why I am opposed to the hate crime laws which include speech. The Canadians have said that it is okay for a Muslim to say that Israelis are legitimate targets of terrorism, even when they are civilians. But it is not okay to say that Islam is a religion which has a lot of terrorists in it.