Books I’ve Read: 131-155

You know, I was trying to read two books a day, but I’m not sure these ebooks off eHarlequin really count as books. They seem much too quick.

Voodoo– I didn’t like it. It was one of those reincarnation stories. Stupid too. How can your ghost show herself to you?
Silver Lining
Hot Off the Presses
The Promise– not a romance book. It’s about a murder, but it isn’t solved.
Snow Emergency– I’ve read all I can until March 9.
Keegan’s Bluff
Sweet Justice: Best Friends– part of a series and a very well written book
The Man She Wanted: Best Friends– not a bad premise, but I didn’t like it
Bayou Reunion– about old high school sweethearts, torn apart by her family, back together after she’s been raped and trying to help each other. The story is probably too much too soon, but it’s a well told, reasonably true fiction tale.
At Midnight
Season of Wonder
The Sheriff’s Wife
The Bookstore on the Corner by Lori Handeland– excellent character development, wonderful light, joyous book.
Taking a Risk
Sugar and Spice- a sweet story ( no pun intended
Marrying Mary by Lori Foster— wonderful, sweet book, though I question being this mature at 21, even growing up on a farm and working full time since high school
Whirlwind Wedding
Cowboy Lover
For Love or Money
The Baby Mistake
Renegade Lover–interesting premise, but the story repeats itself in several chapters and it’s not handled well in the end
Too Hot to Handle
Hooked on a Feeling– stupid. Don’t these romance writers know that it takes more than sex to make a relationship work? You can have good sex and not have a good relationship. Hell, you can not have a relationship at all. What does good sex do? Well, it makes a relationship fun. But there has to be more than that. I’m guessing I’m getting to the end of my ability to tolerate this crap. It got better at the end.

Non-online books
The Marine

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