Medical Update

I have been on biest to stop my period. That actually worked. However, now I should have had a week of periods and I haven’t. Although I am okay with it, I figured the doctors wouldn’t be so I called. They want me to come in.

So… Jan.10 period stopped, but still having some bleeding. This got bad on Jan. 28, so I stopped the progesterone. Feb. 5 the period was ended. Then it restarted on Feb. 10. The doctors had me do Day 1 again. It didn’t end. So I added biest. The period ended Feb. 24.

So Nov. 11 till Jan. 10. then Jan 28-Feb.5. Then Feb. 10-24. Then Mar. 18, I finished real day 28. Added Biest. But it’s now the 24th and I have no period still.