Book Questions

I found this at Bookworm while wondering around the blogosphere.

1. Total number of books I’ve owned:
Okay, there is no way I can give you that number. Because I have sold, given away, traded as many books as I have now. In college, every semester I would go to school with a Bible and a dictionary and come home with at least three dozen books. I worked in a used book store and got paid in books. (Glorious day.)

Having said that I am going to get up, go in my library and count two shelves and then multiply by number of shelves. Be right back.
Okay, I counted three shelves: 69, 41, and 104. I averaged and then subtracted a little. I figured an average of 65.
Then I counted 63 shelves.
65 X 63 = 4,095.

2. Last book I bought.
Sacred Ground by Mercedes Lackey

3. Last book I read.
Pandora’s Legions by Christopher Anvil, I was reading it when I bought Sacred Ground. I finished Sacred Ground and then finished reading Anvil’s book.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me.

The Bible, New International Version.
This book is God’s voice in my wilderness. I do not think God only speaks through his written word, but he has often spoken to me through it. Not just from history, but advice and admonition for the day.

Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness.
This book introduced me to the power of prayer and the realness of spiritual warfare.

Richard Foster’s The Spiritual Disciplines
This book has given me much information and inspiration over the last 22 years. I first read it on the mission field. It meant a lot then. At various times in my life I have returned to it.

Arthur Wallis’ God’s Chosen Fast
This book was the first introduction I had to fasting as a discipline and it has blessed my life incredibly. I have not dealt with it a lot recently, but in the past it has been an incredible reservoir of information and encouragement.

For the fifth book, I don’t know. I’ll have to think about that.
Ah hah! I have it.

One Tiny Baby by Mark A. Taylor and illustrated by Kathryn Hutton, published by The Standard Pub. Co.
I have read this book to my children every year since my oldest was one. I have two copies for my boys. I bought a third copy for my nephew for his first Christmas. This book, easy to read and simple as it is, has been a blessing and a tradition in my life.

5. My hardest working books.
I am not quite sure what this question means. It was an add-on on Bookworm’s blog. I would assume it means those books which are given the most work or used the most.

Since this last year and this next year I am teaching children ages 7-14 all about dinosaurs, dragons, and other animals, those books are some of my most used. Also I taught and will teach a Heroes and Villains of History in addition to writing my own novel placed about 1000 BC. So, with that in mind…

Gurps Low-Tech by Evan Jamieson, Richard Meyer, and William H. Stoddard from Steve Jackson Games
It gives a lot of information without having to root through the thicker scholarly books I have on the same shelf.

A Unit About Dragons by Jo Ellen Moore, Joy Evans, and Leslie Tryon
This is a wonderful third through sixth grade work, though I’d use it longer, about Dragons. It uses math, art, literature. Very helpful.

Dinosaur Life Activity Book by Donald Silver, Illustrated by Patricia Wynne
A wonderful book from Dover with lots of great pictures.

Dragons and Dinosaurs from Teacher Created Materials, Inc.
Uses science, literature, math, music, writing activities, and more for a wonderful group of things to talk about.

Tales of Great Dragons from Bellerophon Books
This has the stories, simplified for use in a classroom or for with children, and some very interesting art from all over the world. This art is black and white line drawings.