Something I noted before in my head and thought of last night again.

Our friends A and T have four children. Each of those children’s names are chosen from very different traditions. Old Testament, Little Women, New Testament but uncommon, and family names (which are from the NT).

Our children, on the other hand, have Old Testament names that they go by and they rhyme with my name, which is not a traditional name, although it is an old American name. I’ve found it in several old geneaologies on line.

My husband’s name is Old Norse (“God’s power” or “mighty”, depending on translator) and Germanic (“noble and bright”). His last name is Hebrew via Scottish. (my translation=”son of the beloved”).

If names really mean something important, what does that say about us?

He who is like the Lord, noble and bright, son of the beloved is my youngest son’s name.

The Lord is God. God gave. Son of the beloved. That’s my eldest’s name.

Fertile plain, graceful lily, son of the beloved. That’s me. All my names are from Hebrew.

Hmm. I just noticed that if you want to, you could find out all our names. Just by going backwards. Have to think about that.