Commentary on Politeness and Freedom

I was reading a mag the other day and found a short article about Chely Wright and her song Bumper of my SUV.

She does have a brother in the Marines, so I guess the rest of the song is probably true as well.

They asked her about the woman and she said the woman got out of her van and walked over and cussed her out and complained about the war. Then Wright said to the magazine that the woman had freedom to do that because of people like her brother.

What do we think we are doing when we are not polite? Politeness is the oil that keeps folks in society from tearing each other up. If I said every mean thought I have, or even half of them, my world would look a lot less good. I am sure this is true for other people as well.

I am glad for the freedoms I have. Including those that mean I don’t have to go running around in a burkah with a male family member when I want to leave my house. Including those that mean I was able to get a PhD, even though I am a woman. Including those that let me worship God publically.

Thank you, God, for your blessings on the USA.