My Blog

I have no friends who have come to this blog, at least not at my behest. I don’t want them reading my blog. I know it is out in the public domain, and now that my husband outed me, available for anyone to find. But my friends, though I love them, get a somewhat edited account of my life. I haven’t done that on my blog.

So I guess my blog is really my journal, my diary, and my commonplace book.

When we moved from blogcity, all the comments disappeared. Which is too bad because I had some lengthy comments on the homeschooling article that headed my list. But they’re gone.

And I haven’t put any up recently. I have gotten a few, mostly through blog explosion, but not many.

What do I want out of this blog? What I have gotten, mostly. But every once in a while I wish for a more academic flavor and visitors. But not enough to tell people I know where my blog is. They’re in here and they would recognize themselves.

So, mediocrity in some ways and personal space in others.