Parental Care

I was looking up sources on the net, about Meade and Jacobs’ arguments. I think there is a push toward universal preschool. And I think it is there because we don’t trust the parents.

Issues PA on Early Childhood Education and Care said that “27% of children had only parental care.”

This minimizes the importance of parental care. Why is it “only” parental care?

I suppose that they could have meant “solely.” There is a difference in the semantics of the words. “Only” is often used in a negative sense. But they might have meant it as a positive.

Do I believe that is how they meant it? No. Because the whole article focuses on the need for Pennsylvania to better develop preschools.

I realize that there are some parents out there who do not care about their children. I realize there are some parents who care about their children but have not learned how to take care of them.

What the education circle seems to forget is that these people are the exception, not the norm.

Why do we keep lowering the school age? It is because some children are not “prepared” for school. Some. Not most. Not even many. Just some.

So, because some parents do not take care of their children, all parents lose their parental rights. It is a loss of parental rights when the children are required by the government to be somewhere else.

I have been in schools that were inner city that worked very well. I was in a very poor family when I was younger. Even when my parents made some money, it was not enough to send me to private school. And because of that, I have also been in an inner city school that worked very poorly.

Would my parents have been better off to take me out of school? Perhaps not. Would I have been? Yes. But at that time, the option of a parent educating their child was no longer available in that state.

Please recall that for most of our history, children were educated at home.

Many people see parental care as a way of people hiding what evil things they are doing to their children. It’s not true in my case. I doubt it is true in the majority of cases.

Parental care, 99% of the time, is parents who love their children doing their best for them.

No, I am not opposed to public schools or public kindergartens or public preschools. I am only opposed to mandatory public kindergartens and preschools.

I homeschooled both my boys for kindergarten. Then E went to first grade. We paid for this twice, once on taxes and once in private school tuition. The teacher was mean to my son. She said he wasn’t smart. She said he was a troublemaker. She said he was a problem. The children were allowed ten minutes a day when they were allowed to speak without being called upon. And they often sat with their hands in the air for fifteen or more minutes waiting for the teacher to call on them.

I homeschool because I care about my children. And it has turned out, for reasons I have discussed before, to have been an excellent choice.

I think that parents should have more options than some wish for them.