Silly Yellow Magnets

Ramblings of an Ordinary… said that he sees no point in the magnets on the cars. I’ve already been through this with Blackfive and would have commented, but you have to have a blogger account, and I don’t want one. So…

Yellow magnets. I got mine free. Someone took it off my car and I am sure they didn’t put in on their’s. But when I see other people’s, I pray for our soldiers. Every time I see a yellow magnet, I pray for our soldiers.

Letter to troops. I’ve written over 225 letters to guys I don’t know and would not recognize if they said hello. This is since November.

Packages. I’ve sent 135 packages to troops. Many of those I sent myself, with my own money. But many other people donated for and I sent out. Our homeschooling group got donations and sent packages.

Last week I sent five packages out to a group sleeping in a bunker under the sand. I sent wood chips. They asked for charcoal but there’s a carbon monoxide issue, so the PO said no. I sent peanuts, pecans, cashews. I bought them. I sent them.

Those yellow magnets can be a “cheap form of patriotism.” But they may not be.

Remember Vietnam? I do. Every yellow magnet is one person who is visibly, sometimes verbally, supporting our troops. I wish there had been some way to do that for the guys in ‘Nam. Maybe it wouldn’t have turned out like it did.