13 Toasts for Independence Day

There are 16 to choose from.

1. The Fourth of July
The day we celebrate. Its annual return will be hailed with joy as long as the blessings of liberty and national happiness are appreciated.

2. The USA
“Our Country — our whole Country. After God and our families, the paramount object of our affection.”

3. The Revolution
“The American Revolution. Founded upon principle, its origin the source of lasting happiness to millions yet unborn.”

4. The Constitution
“Embracing the great interests of the country, we can never consent to its abandonment.”

5. National Unity
“May an honest difference of views never be deemed criminal among the patriotic people of a republican land, possessing the charter and inherent rights declared July 4, 1776.”

6. Great Patriots
“The signers of the Declaration of Independence. Their words for our imitation are lasting evidence of their greatness.”

7. Our armed forces
“The memory of these heroes who fought and bled for our country. The tears of national gratitude shall ever bedew their graves.”

8. Our wars for freedom
Our wars for freedom “Commenced in justice and terminated in victory.” May it ever be so.

9. Our Capital and capital
“The city of Washington. While it bears his name, may it cherish his sentiments and revere his virtues.”

10. Our present leaders
“The president of the United States.” May he always make the right choices.

11. Free enterprise and its fruits
—Didn’t like any of the ones in the article. I will have to think on this more.

12. Our states and localities
Texas. In liberty and freedom may our state always prosper.
–It’s mine. I couldn’t find one on the net.

13. The spread of liberty abroad
“The cause of liberty throughout the world.”

14. Our civil institutions
“Knowledge is power; both belong to the people.”

15. American Women (usually the 13th toast)
“The American fair. Unexampled as wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters. May their children and their children’s children ever belie the assertion that mankind degenerate in this new world.”

“The great experiment of self-government.”

Dave Kopel wrote an article in 2002 from which these toasts were taken.

I think that I would skip 9 and 11. I do not know which other I would skip. Perhaps 15 since so many women don’t see these as their primary roles. But I pray for the last part of the toast to be true.