Screw Abstinence

If you are in Seattle tomorrow, you can attend the “Screw Abstinence” party that NARAL is holding.

It says the phrase over and over again on the page.

Abstinence works. It keeps you from getting diseases or pregnant or being a father. It keeps you away from people who only appreciate you for the sex. Abstinence keeps you safe. It also helps after you are married, because they don’t have to wonder who you were doing before.

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1 thought on “Screw Abstinence

  1. [quote]We at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington sincerely believe that your body falls under your jurisdiction, and we work hard to make that ideal a reality.[/quote]
    Followed the link and read this on the About Us.
    I’ve always wondered why these same people haven’t championed lifting all prostiution laws. Doesn’t selling your body for sex fall under “my body, my jurisdiction”? It should.
    Nice blog, Suzie.

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