Meteor Showers

I would like to go out this year and see these.

The best meteor showers will probably happen on August 11 to 13, Bown said.

“You have to be patient,” Bown said. “It varies from year to year. There might be a meteor every minute; there might be one every five minutes or, on a slow day, one every 10 minutes.”

…If you have your back to the Big Dipper constellation, you’re in good shape to see shooting stars, Bown said.

from The Olympian

When I was in college we all went out to Fort Phantom Lake (a hole with water in it then, now a brown sludge). We sat on the hoods of the cars and watched the stars fall from the sky. I didn’t know what we were going out for, but I found it to be magical.

I would love to have that experience with my husband and kids this year.