Dielli Rejected

I have written a novel. I sent it out to one of my first choices for publication. They said no, this doesn’t fit us.

This story means a lot to me. Many of the “Fun Facts” are in there because they relate to Dielli, the main character.

But the publication of the novel, that is not as important.

I’m sure it is not a great novel. But I think it is a good story. The question is, who would be the best publisher for it? If I know that, then I can send it there. If they turn it down, then Dielli and I will be happy together.

My goal was to finish Book 2 by October, when I expected to get my rejection. However, I haven’t worked on it at all since April, except to make some notes. I thought if I had it finished before I got this rejection, then I could work on book 3 while sending out the manuscript again.

The story, the person, the development is still important to me. I will continue to work on it.