Reading Today: Da Vinci Code

I have not read the Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown, before. It was recommended to me by a Christian woman who reads prodigiously.

I did not want to purchase it, but since I am working for the library, I borrowed a copy. In the last two hours I have read the whole book.

It is fascinating fiction. I do not understand how so many Christians could be appalled by this book. I should though. They hated Harry Potter. They hated other books.

It is a quick read. There are deaths, more than I would want, but they don’t break your heart. It is an interesting book.

Spoiler follows:
Basically a symbologist is accused of the murder of an art patron. The patron’s granddaughter saves the symbologist. They are chased, abducted, freed, abducted… And they find the Holy Grail in the end. Along with the granddaughter’s brother and grandmother who were thought to be dead these last 2o+ years.