Cailler Chocolate

There is not much that is better tasting or tempting than Cailler chocolate. Especially not the milk chocolate with hazelnuts. And apparently, now you can buy them online. Do you have any idea how many years I have waited for that? 21. I have waited 21 years and two months.

I looked for them online May and August of 2004 last. So maybe I could have only waited 20 years and some months; I don’t know.

But now, for a mere $10.80, plus whatever shipping is, I can have 5 of the bars. (When I was in Switzerland 21 years ago, they cost me $.50 a bar. When my mom went 10 years ago, they were $4.00 a bar.)

I love this chocolate. It is the best stuff on the planet. –Well, it and Churrasco’s fried plantains with sweet sauce.