Feng Shui Book

I’m not into Feng Shui. I’ve watched and listened to people designing rooms based on the concept in decorating shows and I didn’t htink much of it.

But I am into being free of clutter. So when I saw the book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, I picked it up and began reading it.

One of the things she talks about in the book is getting rid of clutter by cleaning out your closets of clothes you have not worn in a year. Now, normally that’s not a problem for me. I don’t keep a lot of clothes. But I’ve been see-sawing a lot recently, 10 to 12, 12 to 10. Even then, that has been within the last year.

But I also have the dress I wore on my first date with my husband. That was July 16 or 23, 1988. (Drats. It’s been too long and I’m not longer sure. Our first kiss was August 7th and we got engaged on September 4th. I used to have that dress, but I wore it out.)

So, since I haven’t worn this dress since July 1988, should I get rid of it? I love that dress and all it symbolizes. So, no way.

I don’t mind getting rid of several pairs of shoes. And I’m seriously considering getting rid of a pink dress I have loved for eight years because I spilled beans on it and can’t get the stain out. But that green and black dress, on our first date, that I’m having trouble with.

Anyway the book also says that if you have clutter in certain parts of your home, that it is interfering with your peace and prosperity, your fame, or whatever. The closet in my husband’s office, which is full of my things, is in our “prosperity” section. And it is a mess. But when I think about getting rid of things, it makes me sad because I love the things there. They’re dress up and play toys. But there is a closet in the closet, and maybe that could come out. If it did, perhaps it would be easier to organize. But where would I put this closet that my grandfather made? That I don’t know.