Book Gone

Getting ready for the booksale was sapping. The woman who had run the sales showed me through everything for the last time. She helped for everything except the sale itself. While we were setting up, she lent me Deadline by Robert Alcorn. I put it into my box of books that I had purchased.

But, alas, I did not put my name on the box. Every book in there, though I had already paid for them, went back to the sale. Only one of them was around when I finally discovered the loss. Unfortunately, Deadline was not the one.

So I was frantic all weekend thinking I would have to call Karen and tell her I lost her book. But she and her husband Will, to whom I told the story first as Karen was out, laughed it off. She said I didn’t need to get the book as they’d read it. But I know they wanted it to lend out. So, I’ll be searching for the book and getting another copy of it.

Thank you, God, for people who can turn a personal disaster into something to laugh about.