Dirty Bomb at Houston Airport

Okay, there wasn’t. But last night, while four TSA folks turned the opposite direction, two women got out of line and picked up their suitcases and walked on. A passenger, waiting in line, said, “What? They’re special that they don’t get patted down?”

Instead of going after them, the TSA folks did…. nothing.

But, eventually, they closed the airport and called in all the police. (Which is how I heard the story.)

A was out at a dinner for women who had been working hard on a thankless project. K, her eldest, called and said, “Daddy wants to know when you are coming home. He got called up to go to the airport.”

Well, K is 19, so A is thinking, “All right. So B won’t be home when I get there. That’s okay.”

So she answers her daughter that they’ll be leaving in a few minutes.

Five minutes later, A’s phone rings again. “You haven’t left yet?” A is wondering why B is calling her. “Go get gas, if you can find it. Pick up five gallon jugs of water. Buy any canned goods you think we could use. I emptied out the front closet.”

A is wondering what B knows that she doesn’t, but he’s not telling her. This is only the second time in 7 years B has been called in to the airport. The last time was 9/11.

“Remember,” B tells her, “on December 7, 1941 everyone just thought it was an ordinary day.”

Turns out A hadn’t heard of the dirty bombs in the US. She didn’t know we’ve been receiving terrorist threats against our airports.

But, thank you, God, it also turns out that the two women were probably just two lazy, impatient women. I wish they had found them and been able to charge them all the price that the airlines are going to have to eat. Do you know that they closed incoming lanes for 30 minutes and outgoing for over 2 hours? Think how many schedules across the US were messed up because of that.