Why My Husband is Wonderful

Today I washed and dried my husband’s iPod with his shorts. He didn’t fuss. But that is not why he is wonderful.

Kidding around, he told my youngest that “since your mom washed this, I thought I would give it to you.” My youngest’s eyes lit up. That is not why my husband is wonderful.

But when my son was disappointed, when his face fell because it was a joke, when he left the room… My husband said, “God would repay him for that.” And then he said, “I could go at lunch tomorrow and get him an iPod.”

That is why my husband is wonderful. He recognized that he disappointed his son and was willing to make it good.

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  1. Thanks for leaving a note at my blog.

    Btw,I agree that you have a great husband. I won’t be that nice if my wife washed my iPod.

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