The Country’s Giving

We all know, I hope, that folks have contributed over $500 million for Katrina aid.

Did you also know that every single donation site in Houston that I have called or been told of is full up? HAAM, which is in Humble, northeast of Houston, sort of, had about sixty sacks of clothes sitting outside because their back room was full. There outside collection also was about half full of things that can stand the rain.

Star of Hope also is overfilled.

Our church’s group, Impact, also is full and overflowing.

The Astrodome has too much stuff and is no longer taking donations. There are/were three areas to take clothes to, but the ones I have heard about were full.

Arrow Project has more than they can use.

The old Randall’s on 59 is overflowing with clothes. They aren’t accepting anymore.

The collection of food in our section of town closed because they got more than they needed for the people they were collecting for.

It’s been crazy trying to find someone to take the toys, including some new ones, the clothes and the food I put together.

So, now’s the time to donate time. (If I have any.) We’re trying to get a group up to help with data work and computer stuff for the guys downtown. Also, sometime I want to call and see if Randall’s still needs help sorting. Arrow Project, where the boys and I had planned to go today, is overwhelmed with volunteers.

I live in Houston, sort of, but I’m a good hour of driving away from the Astrodome. (Unless I have a really good map.) And since E has school from 9:50 to 1:30 on MW and I have school from 3-4:20 on TR and we all have school from 9:50-12 on Friday, it’s a little hard to give time donations.

I’m hoping to go with friends on Saturday to help with the computer stuff. If they have wireless available, I could bring my own computer and help that way, too.