Poverty in America

A summary of several discussions of poverty. As I mentioned in my comments on Slugger O’Toole, our poor aren’t very poor.

Nicholas Eberstadt says we’re better off now. “In 1972-73, for example, just 42 percent of the bottom fifth of American households owned a car; in 2003, almost three-quarters of “poverty households” had one. By 2001, only 6 percent of “poverty households” lived in “crowded” homes (more than one person per room) – down from 26 percent in 1970. By 2003, the fraction of poverty households with central air-conditioning (45 percent) was much higher than the 1980 level for the non-poor (29 percent).”

Myths of the Rich and Poor says “Even the poor have more.” You can read several pages of the book by following the link.

The US Census data is here.