Iran has asked the US and Europe to help Iran get nuclear something. At least that’s what the Daily Star, Lebanon seems to be saying.

The president of Iran says that Islam is barred from Nuclear Weapons. Sorry. I don’t believe that.

“Reported comments by Iran’s president that his government was willing to give nuclear technology to Islamic countries ….” scares the crap out of me. The Jerusalem Post talks about it.

” Iran is willing to provide nuclear technology to other Muslim states, Iran’s president said Thursday. Hours later, European nations renewed an offer of economic incentives if Iran would halt its uranium enrichment.” The Austin American-Statesman reports, “Ahmadinejad repeated promises that Iran won’t develop nuclear weapons, the report said. Then he added: “Iran is ready to transfer nuclear know-how to the Islamic countries due to their need.”

When will it be too late to save ourselves a long and costly war in Iran?

When they’ve nuked us and we have to go destroy them in a bunker they’ve built just 100 yards from one of the holiest site in Iran.

“In the past few weeks top regime figures, including Khamenehi and Ahmadinejad, have made a series of unscheduled visits to Mash’had, Iran’s second largest city. One curious fact revealed during these visits is that a bunker-like structure to house the “supreme guide” is being completed close to the “holy shrine” of Reza, the eighth imam. The complex could also house the top echelon of government, including the president, the Cabinet and members of the Islamic Majlis (Parliament).

The choice of Mash’had is not accidental. The city is located 1,000 km from Tehran and thus as far as possible inside Iran from American fire power in Iraq and the Gulf. The US is also expected to shrink from attacks against the Mash’had bunker for fear of collateral damage to the “holy shrine” of the imam a few hundred yards away.”

says the Free Republic.

We may well have to take on a nuclear Middle East in an effort to save ourselves. But I bet that they’ll go after Israel first. Israel will be destroyed and we’ll say, “There’s no point in going to war to help Israel. They’re all dead.” And then they’ll come after us.

Am I being too reactionary? Too doomsday-esque? I don’t think so. I think that these people hate us. And they want us to die. And they will soon have the power to get their wish.