Getting Ready for a Disaster

We are trying to prepare in case Hurricane Rita hits Houston with the same force that hit NO. Most of what we are doing is getting more food. We’ve been low on food for months, with just the bare necessities in the house. Now we are restocking the pantry with food we will eat regardless of whether or not there is a problem.

The plus on that is if there isn’t a disaster, we’ll have food we want to eat instead of having to eat stuff to keep it from going bad.

We’ve bought more food than we’ve had in the house in months. We are fully stocked with non-perishable items that will keep us eating for a week. It may get boring but we’ve got it.
spaghettios (9 cans)
beans (7 cans of red, 2 of black, 2 of garbanzo)
green beans (5 cans)
corn (4 cans)
pineapple (5 cans)
applesauce (24 individual packets)
Cheezits (2 boxes)
Crackers (4 boxes-several kinds)
peanut butter (largest jar available with our own large jar just opened)
chips (54 small bags)
salsa (2 med. containers)
bread (2 loaves)
bagels (1 bag)
desserts (Zingers and Twinkies)

We have a 5-gallon water jug.
We also have 24 17-oz bottles of water.
We also have four one gallon bottles of water. (Nope. Only 2. Two had broken in storage.)
We also have three cases of Crystal Light.
And we have two cases of Gatorade.
And twelve bottles of Propel.

We’ve gotten 40 pounds of charcoal, so we can cook.
Two lighters.
A thing of charcoal fluid.

Off, in case we end up having to be outside.
Benadryl, Tylenol, etc.

We’re going to be pulling out our important papers, photocopying them, and putting them in one gallon plastic bags, to keep them dry.

We’re not done yet, so I’ll come back and update.