Evacuation Attitude

I have seen several posts, and heard several callers to radio talk shows, say that people shouldn’t have left or they wish they hadn’t left. I don’t get that.

We left and we spent 21 hours making a 9 hour drive. I don’t regret that. If a Cat 5, which it was, had hit Houston straight on, which it was expected to do, my home might have made it. But it might not have too. We prepared with food, water, tarps, flashlights, batteries, etc. But when we had the chance to get out, we took it.

I am not sorry. I am glad we left. We took our “four day weekend,” which turned into a five day weekend for my husband and a six day weekend for me, and went to my in-laws’. We got to see them. They got to see us. Everyone knew we were safe, so no one worried.

Yes, we had to pack a lot in the car and unpack a lot when we got home. But that is NOTHING compared to what we might have had to go through if we had stayed.

I know it didn’t come here. I get what people are saying about the hype. But I am leaving, if I can, the next time a Category 5 is expected to hit Houston. Because next time it might not miss.

(For those of you who are worrying, I instructed my MIL not to pray for hurricanes just so she could see us more often.)

This blog entry came about because I read Euphoric Reality’s wonderful post. I totally agree with her about needing sources besides the news, who are always going to be going for the worst, and about being responsible for our own actions. If you wait for the government, it may be too late.