Things to Take if You Evacuate

Obviously you need your guns, your important papers, your family, and any small heirlooms you can get in your car. You need cash. Since the NY blackout we have kept about $40 in emergency $1 bills in a box. We took that with us. As well as the $100 we got at the bank on Tuesday.

One thing we did, in addition to those things, was take a grocery sack of food (peanut butter, bread, bagels and a knife), another of fruit (apples and kiwis), some bananas, and four Gatorades. We stocked the house with water but when we decided to leave we did not take water with us. That was a bad plan.

We had plenty to eat for a 1o hour trip. But not for a 21 hour trip. Some people died because of the heat in their cars on the highway. So an ice chest with water in it seems like a necessity now.

Another important thing we did not have: a map of our section of the state. Texas is huge. But the maps of Texas are the same size as the maps of Lousiana or Arkansas or Oklahoma. So lots of roads that show up on a smaller state’s maps don’t show up on Texas. We are looking to purchase an east Texas map. We want to be able to take more of the farm roads. If we knew where they went, we could have.

When you need to evacuate it’s too late to start looking for maps. Prepare.

Also, if you are taking a dog or cat and your allergies aren’t generally effected, you might want to take Benadryl. After 2o hours in the car with the dog, including her sitting on my lap to sleep, I needed Benadryl.

Something else I had, because they are always in the car, but which were necessary, are sunglasses. It’s bright here.

Also in the car, a medical kit, first aid type things.