Gun Seizures

Gun seizures aren’t just in New Orleans.

“Virginia Commonwealth University Police have become proactive and aggressive in seizing weapons.”

“We’ve really targeted the guns,” VCU Police Sgt. Chris Preuss says. And on nights when they scour city streets for them, he says, police pick up “generally one to two every night.” Most of the guns have been confiscated on the periphery of campus, in the 800 and 900 blocks of Broad, Grace and Harrison streets, says VCU Police Chief Willie Fuller. The initiative started earlier this year, Fuller says, when officers scouring the area at night noticed more and more guns in vehicles, that apparently belonged to local club patrons. None of those arrested have been VCU students.

Meanwhile, VCU Police have seized 30 guns of various makes and models over six months, ranging from Ruger 40-calibers to Glock 357s to AK-47s, says Sgt. Preuss. He carries a folder with pictures of confiscated weapons that he’ll give to federal officials in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

via Ravenwood