Being a Family of Average Means

Or Being Normal, a great post written by New World Man.

Being normal is figuring out what card you should put your first night out in months on.

Being normal is thinking about getting a job closer to home because of gas prices but deciding you’d rather stay where you are because you like what you do.

Being normal is having hot dogs and buns on hand for when you make something for dinner the kids don’t like but the adults do, like salmon with basil cream sauce.

Being normal is half full cans of pop and half eaten bowls of cereal, which bug you more because you have to clean them up than because they’re a waste of money.

Being normal is ill-advisedly bringing home dogs and cats people are giving away or that you met at the pound.

Being normal is refinancing your mortgage because the one you got three years ago was a 3/27 adjustable whose payments were about to spike.

Being normal is grousing about the higher electric bills in the summer but using the central air anyway.

That was just a sample. Go and read it all.