That was not nice

I got a “polite” email from someone who decided that the homeschoolers who have classes should have the option of having a chapel during lunch. It is optional. Someone wrote the parents and suggested that perhaps chapel is too much, the students do not have time to visit and eat lunch. They also said that the 5 minute class change time was, perhaps, too little and needed to be greater.

The gentleman, who is on the board, came home and wrote that he was amazed that when someone tries to do something Christian they hear “the excuses of why it is inappropriate or inconvienent. ” Whether he meant it that way or not, I read it as a huge lecture and that he was personally affronted by the idea that we shouldn’t do what his idea was. He seemed to be saying that the only way to honor God was to have chapel and that the rest of us only talked about God at church.

Of course, he’s not my favorite person anyway. They’re the ones who think science fiction is from Satan.

But I did, after starting this as a rant, calm down and write a long and sincere answer bringing up several points I thought he missed or was wrong about. I tried very hard to do it in a spirit of love and I sent it to him alone rather than the whole list.

I also sent a copy to the dean and the head of the whole ministry. I told them, also, that I personally don’t want chapel, though I see nothing wrong with it. So, we’ll see.

He promised “more to come.” I hope he calms down before I get more or I’m going to label him as junk on my machine.

He did calm down.

And I went to the classes last week and chapel lasted two hours, making my son miss most of Chemistry. If I thought I could teach him Chemistry well, we’d be doing it at home. However, never having had chemistry in my life and having a chemist as a teacher at the ministry for homeschoolers, I went with the ministry.