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On any stupid thing a Conservative might ever have done, or someone thought they did, or someone said they did, or someone thinks they might have done. This is what academics has sunk to.

The original memo:

Date: 5-Oct-2005 16:40:47 -0500
Subject: CFP: The Secret Lives of the Conservatives (10/24/05; KSU CSC, 3/9/06-3/11/06)

I invite papers for a panel to be held at the fifteenth annual Cultural Studies Conference at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, March 9-11. Papers can be on a wide variety of topics related to the conference theme of privacy and secrecy and the public sphere. Papers on specific instances are welcomed, and papers considering a variety of issues and concerns: tabloidization and the neutralization of the political; the personal as political; hypocritical Puritanism; the defense by offense; vast right wing conspiracies; “outing” as a political tactic; scandal amnesia; “spin” and tactical framing; true evil beneath the compassionate, Christian front; why nothing makes a difference; left tactics and despair; the politics of denial and shame; business secrecy vs. personal secrecy; liberal vs. conservative secret lives; sexual dysfunction in conservatives; Laura Bush’s private life; scholarly muckraking and shockjocking.

Send brief, 200 word abstracts by email, not attachment, to Don Hedrick, along with a very brief bio, to Don Hedrick, Department of English, Kansas State University, at, by October 24. Inquiries welcome.

Don Hedrick

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“true evil masquerading as compassionate Christian” might be Reverend Phelps. There, if you need a topic for the conference, you can talk about Phelps. And I think both sides of the fence would agree with you that the man is evil.

I do wonder why the author of the memo put “why nothing makes a difference” in there. I mean, that’s from both sides of the fence.