Prayer Request

Please pray for Andy and his entire unit. They’re Marines. This is their second deployment.

“He’s leaving Kuwait tonite to go into Iraq and will be working at and around the Al-Asad Air Force Base near the border with Syria. One of the towns he will be in is Haditha, which is a current hot spot after Fallujah was cleaned out so he needs all the protection he can get right now. I ask that everybody pray for him and his company, along with all the military in the country right now. We have become our own little family out in California and losing anyone would be devastating. They should only be there until November, December at the latest so we are very thankful for that, and are hoping that the circumstances don’t make it where he has to be extended in country past the end of December. I really appreciate the church’s prayers and we are relying on God’s protection to keep Andy and the others safe.”

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