Iraq Voting

“Omar at Iraq the Model reports turnout in the primarily Sunni provinces of Salah al-Din (66%), Anbar (unknown), Ninevah (66%+) and Diyala (66%+).”

via Red State.Org

“Initial estimates of overall turnout Saturday were 61 percent, election officials said. ”

“Rejection appeared highly unlikely after initial vote counts showed that a majority supported the constitution in two of the four provinces Sunni Arab opponents were relying on to defeat it.

Opponents needed to get a two-thirds “no” vote in three of those provinces. They may have reached the threshold in Anbar and Salahuddin (search), but Diyala and Ninevah provinces appeared to have supported the document by a wide margin.”

“If the constitution is approved, Iraqis will choose a new parliament in Dec. 15 elections. Parliament then will select a new government, which must take office by Dec. 31.”

via Fox

More than half the country’s people voted. Some voted no. Some voted yes. We don’t know what the result will be. We still must pray for the best.