Eminent Domain: Azerbaijan

I wrote a couple of months ago about a home being taken from missionaries after they had paid for it. I wrote about it in connection to the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision.

Here is an update on their situation:

Update from my sister, Stacy, on her court case in Azerbaijan. She and her husband (Mike) are missionaries and have an ongoing legal struggle for their house for the past two years – Dear friends, Thank you for your faithful, ongoing prayers for our court case…Mike was asked to present his case (never done before), and he did a great job…No lies were spoken, and we give credit to God for that miracle…we [will] appear again in 2 weeks with the notary who notarized the house documents. Please pray that they…would not use this time to coerce or bribe the notary into speaking lies…or that the judges… would not receive a bribe. {Someone] gave an interview to a television station, stating that we paid a $10 K bribe to the judges. Pray that if this is true, the television station would choose not to air such deceitful statements. Thank you again for standing with us! Stacy