Archimedes’ Mirrors and Mythbusters

Mythbusters is a fun show on the Discovery Channel. I take everything they do with a slight grain of salt, since one myth they tried to confirm would have been busted except that they had a living person proof that it did happen. However, I still use their info. I told a pilot’s wife about their decompression experiments, even though they were nowhere near the speed of a real airplane.

But I was reading Cronaca and read about MIT’s sun-ray/mirror attempt to burn a ship, in a replication of Archimedes’ supposed feat. I remembered Mythbusters had done this and busted it. But, when I went to look it up on Google, what I found instead was that, apparently, Mythbusters did it again WITH the MIT students.

And while they weren’t able to get a flashburn, like they did with a one dimensional “boat” on concrete parking lot at MIT, they did start a fire. (With Jamie on the boat!)

It’s amazing.