Surname Ranking

How popular is your surname? Go here to find out.

The one I grew up with is higher than 21000. I was shocked. I’d figured it’d be much less popular than that. But then again we have our own genealogical table on the net and someone, not in my near family, is keeping it up, so there must be enough of us for interest.

Smith is number 1 most common.
Johnson is number 2.
Rodriguez is number 14.

And, my mother’s maiden name does not exist in the survey!!! The page says ” ___ as a surname, does not exist in this database, because it is not among the top 55,000 most common names in the US. ” Wow. I knew she was unusual, but I didn’t think it was that unique. I mean there have been professional ball players with that last name. (My grandfather for football and my great-grandfather for baseball.)

Apparently my mother-in-law’s family is just as unique. It also does not come up in the list and has the same info as above. Her family name is Prussian. Her grandparents immigrated to the States.

I was trying to find 1,o00 or 1o,000. Feinstein is number 10,002. That’s close.
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