A Soldier’s Passing: Review

On Thursday I got an email about the soldier’s death, asking my church to line the road the procession would follow to the church.

On Friday I had it announced at the homeschoolers’ meeting, with two hundred families in attendance. Yes, I had it announced. I can’t talk and not cry about something like that. It just touches my heart. I couldn’t even not cry when I was writing down the information over the phone, because I hadn’t thought to take it with me.

On Saturday my entire family, my husband’s best friend’s entire family (including his parents and sister who live around us), and lots of other people, both from our church and homeschoolers and others I didn’t know, gathered. And we stood there on the street as the family drove by. We all had flags. Individuals held flags. Families held big flags. One of my little homeschoolers was there with his dad and his two sisters holding a flag as big as a twin blanket.

You would recognize the funeral porcession. They all had yellow ribbons on them. The magnetic kind. On the door of the passenger side, at least.

God, please bless this family, his wife and his parents, as they grieve the loss of this fallen hero.