Marvelous Creatures: Dogs

Next semester the course is going to consist of reading a chapter of Alice in Wonderland a week and talking about the animals in the book.

Chapter 4 has lots of animals in it, but I thought I would do dogs that day, since there’s a puppy in it. I found a very interesting site with dog sayings, quotes, and some history at Dog Quotes.Com. I’m thinking for proverbs I’ll take a word out and see if they know what word is missing. For example, “A ____ dog never bites.” I’m also planning on taking some quotes from people they might know, reading and discussing them and then having them number them from earliest to latest. I think that will be somewhat fun.

I also found a 2,000 year old picture of a dog. This is the dog on a wall that says “Beware of Dog” under it. (I read this in the site, but not having seen the dog, I didn’t understand the idea.)

I also found a third grade lesson plan for folktales with a folktale about a dog and a cat. I don’t think it’s a very old folktale. But I can tell the story.

I will probably also look for an Aesop Fable with a dog in it. A great collection of Aesop’s Fables that I have used before has several dog stories. I think that I will have the kids act some of them out.

I think for this lesson I have more than enough to work with.