I’ve been busy today. I have had 30 minutes off today, even to eat. (Oops. I forgot I took half an hour off this morning to blog. Okay, an hour.) The rest of the time I’ve been working on my school stuff or the boys’ school and I’m still not done. Oh yeah. And I went to the doctor.

My ob/gyn agrees it’s high time I’ve had a hysterectomy. I’ve been ready for one for at least six months. I told her I can’t until June. A six week recovery period, during school, just won’t cut it. So… she suggested Depovera(?sp) but that has side effects I don’t want. (Weight gain)

She gave me birth control pills, ordered a mammogram and an ultrasound, and gave me an explanation of what she thinks is the problem. All the stuff took an hour and a half and they weren’t able to do all they wanted, but I am done now and I’m going to sit here and read blogs because I am worn out.