How Much Do They Make?

Glenn Beck was on this morning. My son didn’t want me to listen to him. Don’t know why, although I can guess. But I listened anyway. I’m the mom; I’m the driver; I control the radio.

So he’s talking about salaries…

Howard Stern will be making $96,000 an hour for each hour on radio at Sirius.

Rush Limbaugh makes, including his time on vacation, $38,000 an hour.

Some attorney in NY who was Attorney General under Carter makes $1,000 an hour.

A NY city bus driver makes $23 or $27 an hour.

And, if you figure the president works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, he makes $57 an hour. More than double what the bus driver makes.

I would assume that Howard and Rush have to work some of the time that they are not on the air officially, so you might could cut their pay down to $48,000 and $19,000 an hour. I’m fairly sure the bus driver is through when he is through. And I’m fairly sure that sometimes the president doesn’t work 12 hour days, 7 days a week. But even if he worked half that time, $114 an hour. For the president of the soon-not-to-be-only Superpower?