Noam Chomsky: Idiot at Large

Okay, I admit that Noam Chomsky is an impressive linguist, but his understanding of the reality of life in the world appears to be a bit unhinged.

This quote from an interview is particularly annoying.

Take the Unites States, now take that the American democracy doesn’t functions very well, but it certainly has the formal structure of a democracy. Its probably one of the most religious fanatic countries in the world. I mean how many people in Egypt think that humans were created 6000 years ago in their present form

How is it that the American democracy doesn’t function well? Do we not elect our leaders? Do we not live safely within our homes? Do we not have a choice in where we live, to whom we speak, and what kinds of jobs/education/religion we choose to pursue? We do have those things. I think that would make the US democracy clearly functional on a more than rudimentary level.

“It’s probably one of the most religious fanatic countries in the world.” Right. We have bombers who kill people because they’re not … what? Christians? But Noam Chomsky isn’t a Christian and he’s a citizen. So, first off, religious fanatic countries don’t let others pursue their beliefs or nonbeliefs. Clearly on that point Chomsky has erred. Second, we aren’t a religious nation at all any more. And even when we were founded, we were founded as a place where everyone could worship God in their own way. Third, he’s not heard of Saudi Arabia? of Syria? of Egypt?

And, regarding people being created only 6000 years ago, has he asked many Egyptians what he believes? I doubt it. And does he know how many Christians believe that humans were only created 5,650 years ago? (Let’s be precise, okay.) I don’t. My husband doesn’t. My children don’t. My parents don’t. My siblings don’t. None of my friends do. Of 80 conservative Christian homeschool families I know, only one believes in a literal and precise dating of Adam from the information in the Bible. I don’t think 1 out of 300 makes this country a “religious fanatic” haven. And, even if it did, so what? That’s why we’re a functioning democracy. Because we’re free to believe.

A man who was privileged to grow up in this country, who calls our country a “terrorist state” but has not been disappeared, is apparently playing some games with the language that he doesn’t want us to notice. And I am appalled that such a brain, such a gifted intellect, should disappear in a worthless diatribe when it comes to the United States.

He’s even worse than most Bush haters. They only hate Bush; they don’t hate the whole country. He hates the whole country. And I think that says more about him than it does about us.

The link for the article found via The Opinionated Bastard who read it from Big Pharaoh.