17 years ago today

Working Girl and Hellbound: Hellraiser II were released. Twins, Rain Man, and The Naked Gun beat all other movies at the box office.

The Charlotte Hornets beat the Chicago Bulls by 2 points.

The JAMA published.

But what I remember about that day is:
Going shopping with my father for a belt for the coat he bought my mother. It was missing and we had to drive all over Houston to find one like it.
The large load of metal pipes scattered all over the road like pick up sticks, just where my VW bug broke down. Trying to make a phone call with only a quarter between my dad and I. I succeeded but the call was interrupted. The guy at the convenience store wouldn’t let us use his phone.

Being picked up by R. You know you’re not supposed to see your fiance on the day of the wedding, but… We were beyond those superstitions.

Getting my hair and fingernails done. That was a disaster. I didn’t feel comfortable with either one. Never go to a new stylist on the day of your wedding.

Getting in the limo to go to the church.

Be ironing my dress? Ironing something while I was getting dressed.

Not recognizing my cousin’s daughter and wondering why my mother suggested her for a flower girl.

Being given (to wear only) a black onyx and pearl pin from my great-grandmother.

Sticking a handkerchief up my sleeve for my wonderful husband’s use during the ceremony.

Talking like I was from West Texas, loud and drawling.

Seeing my sister look like she would pass out from sadness. (She was getting a divorce.)

Seeing M and D, seeing T. AI came, amazing. And Mo was there.

Laughing because both my grandmothers came to the wedding in black dresses. (What was that all about? I wanted the bridesmaids in black, so they wore black. But my grandmothers didn’t have to wear it. My Grama Helen was upset about the bridesmaids wearing black until my mom told her my other idea from when I was growing up, which was to wear a royal purple gown myself. Then my grama was all for it!)

The mothers of the groom and bride in royal blue (my favorite color) and the grandmother of the groom wearing soft pink. I loved her dress.

Hearing the music my mom had ordered and my wonderful husband had remixed.

Thinking the song was farther along than it was and hurrying down the aisle so it wouldn’t end before I got to the stage area.

Pappa in his black suit. He bought it special so he would match the wedding. I don’t think he’s ever worn it since.

R crying.

Getting in line for the reception and finding out the seafood was gone.

Talking to someone who I still don’t know who it was and him telling me that I “had a good one” because he was willing to cry…

Getting pictures taken. Excluding Melinda from the picture of my aunts and I and then not getting a picture of my cousins who were there together.

Throwing the bouquet and seeing how many people dodged to get out of the way. It fell on the floor, I threw it again, and my sister picked it up off the floor.

Worrying about R pulling the gown up too far to get the garter off because I’d gone commando.

Putting on an itchy wool dress for the getaway.

Watching R open the limo door and realizing there were a whole bunch of people in it. Him suggesting we climb in anyway. Me hoping I wasn’t flashing everyone outside or everyone inside.

DJ’s tie. M and L avoiding the bouquet like it carried plague. (Silly M.)

Making out in the limo.

Going to a hotel that had lost all its power.

Having Domino’s delivered.

Having flashlights delivered by the management. They must lose their electricity a lot.

Yeah, but I’m not going to talk about the rest.

Happy anniversary, honey!