Marriage is the Focus of the Day

And not just mine, either.

Evangelical Outpost writes on what makes a marriage work. I think some of this is funny. Don’t ask happily marrieds why they’re happy; they don’t know. Close the bathroom door. Learn to compromise. But I thought “Call her bluff” recommended lying to get her off your back and I wasn’t too thrilled with that. The comments are interesting too.

Air Force Family writes about negative expectations, cheating shows, Tell-All-Humiliation shows, and her marriage. I thought it was fun, funny, and inspirational. (The source of all evil made me laugh out loud, though it does not apply at my house.)

According to a show I watched on ABC two and a half years ago 80% of men would remarry their spouses and 50% of women would remarry theirs.

Maybe one of the biggest pitfalls in marriage is having too high expectations. I’d say the secret to a happy marriage is 1. don’t expect much (that way you won’t be disappointed but may be happily surprised), 2. be willing to compromise (on everything, even things that you think shouldn’t be compromised on, because your spouse won’t agree), and 3. NEVER give up (Churchhill’s quote works for marriage as well as for a nation under siege).

Other great entries on the net:

Humorous Marriage Advice which includes for the groom, Never let her go to bed angry – you’re defenseless when you sleep. And for the groom, If he asks you what he should wear – He really wants you to say “Your jeans and Bear Whiz Beer T-shirt”.

Mark Daniels celebrated 31 years of marriage by giving 10 things he’s learned. It’s serious stuff, but good.